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paigeincapacitated sent:

I just finished reading Coalitions End today. Every time I read the name Hoffman I get a different emotion washing over me... many tears have been shed... Why do you make me feel so much?!

<ooc>Because it’s during the books that you realize Victor Hoffman isn’t just a hardass stereotypical colonel, he’s a real character. I think both he and Prescott knows that the chairman isn’t really handling the situation after the sinking of Jacinto; it all comes down to Hoffman. He’s out there dealing with the civilians, dealing with the looming threats, building bridges between camps, all while trying to keep everyone protected and his Gears orderly. Oh, and a little romance on the side.

And what’s Prescott doing? Well, I’m not sure how much of the books you’ve read or what games you’ve played.

But it’s funny how my perception of the characters changed after reading the books.

When I first played the game, I hated Hoffman because he had no depth. He was just the guy we were supposed to hate for leaving Marcus in prison. Prescott, on the other hand, was a very sympathetic character. He had the weight of a nation on his shoulders, he had the very tough task of trying to hold everyone together and overcome terrible times, to keep everyone going until they were able to rebuild. And while he had noble intentions, he definitely went about it the wrong way while Hoffman stepped up to the plate in the best way. Hoffman didn’t sit around promising things would get better—he went out and made sure they were better.</ooc>

Hoffman, half amused and half concerned, shrugs. “If this is a confession, ma’am, I’m not sure how much Bernie would appreciate it. But thank you, anyway?”